Ramsbury Allotments came about after a request from several residents to the Parish Council in 2008. The Parish Council worked very hard to find a site within the parish and with the help of Janet Talmage Ramsbury Allotment Association was formed in March 2010.

Located at Loves Lane, Ramsbury it boasts stunning views and a friendly community atmosphere to garden. Each plot has its own take on gardening, whether it be flowers or purely for vegetable growing. Plots are available to anyone who lives within the parish of Ramsbury & Axford.

During the pandemic 2020 the site slightly changed, several residents took on a new innovation-smaller raised beds- and these proved a life saver for many people during the lockdown, enabling them to garden safely. Social distancing could be maintained but there was an air of community activity which many people were missing. The raised beds continue to be a low cost option for those who want a ”taster” before committing to a full allotment. Following covid guidelines the allotment site remains closed to visitors but I am always very happy to schedule a tour for anyone who wishes to visit us.

The allotment site is rented. The landowner maintains the wild hedgerow and verge, however we are very keen to keep the fence line along the track rewilded. We proudly display our blue heart in support of the Rewilding Britain campaign. Transition Marlborough gave away wild flower seeds and the parish began its rewilding journey in partnership with Ramsbury Horticultural society & the Allotment Association. This also helps us create a wild space for the resident hedgehog Tink and his friends. Following the allotment ethos of make do and mend allotment holders are encouraged to convert everyday items into garden gadgets whether it be old carpet for warming the beds over winter and dormant times or old barrels to collect rain water. Each allotment is very different my own personal wish would be a stained glass window in my shed.