Composting materials what can I use?
Here is a useful list of all the things that can help make great compost:

Green / wet materials / nitrogen

Fruit and veggie scraps
Egg shells
Tea bags, tea leaves
Fresh green grass clippings and plant trimmings grown without pesticides or weed killers
Animal manure from herbivores eg cows and horses
Poultry manure and bedding
Flowers from arrangements
Brown / dry materials / carbon

Dry leaves, dried grass clippings
Wood shavings or sawdust
Nuts shells but not walnuts they are toxic
Coffee grounds and filters (coffee grounds can also be placed directly around chives)
Shredded newspaper and tissue paper not colured paper toxins contained in the ink
Hay and straw – Bedding from vegetarian pets eg rabbits, guinea pigs
Cold wood ashes
Tumble dryer lint
Shredded cereal boxes, egg boxes and other paperboard items like toilet rolls inserts kitchen towel roll inserts
Hair after a hair cut or from cleaning your hair brush
Hoover bag contents (I love this the best)
Wine corks
I have 2 compost bins in the kitchen one for scraps and one for egg shells we use a lot of eggs I crunch the shells around the bulbs as the poke the heads up through the ground and mostly around the hostas. In the bathroom I have another compost bin that came about from a conversation with a friend about toilet roll inserts bizarre but amazing how much brown stuff is created from the bathroom toilet roll inserts and small cardboard boxes from new products, hair from the trap in the bath, hair from the hair brush it soon adds up by the time you have emptied the paper shredder you have a good mix on a weekly basis

Things definitely not to compost

Meat, dairy and cooked food will attract vermin and should not be home composted you cannot build up enough heat
Coal & coke ash to toxic
Cat litter and Dog faeces